Normally Church Services are held each Sunday at 9:30 am, but at this time we will be suspending gathering for services until April 5th.

But please continue to join us in worshiping the LORD. Here are some online resources and live streaming services that you can use.


Below is the letter from Pastor Dick about the suspension of services.

Dear Members,

This is serious. COVID-19 is a serious and contagious virus. 

Now, the 4th Commandment teaches us to honor our parents and our church leaders and our government. The government has made decisions in the best interest of the public to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Our Synod offers guidance during these difficult times (email below). And we do need to keep in mind what will be best for those who gather at DDC to worship. 

The 5th Commandment teaches us not to kill or injure people and it also teaches us not to put others into harm's way. 

So, if this were a snowstorm, a blizzard, with 12 to 18 inches of snow, howling winds, and even the snowplows have been ordered off the road, it would be an easy decision to cancel church for that day. But the roads are fine, the weather is nice. But there is something out there that is more deadly than a snowstorm and it is invisible to the unaided eye. We need to take COVID-19 just as seriously as the worst of snowstorms.  

How serious? Here's a link to guidelines the President of the United States is urging us to follow.

And more information is available at the Center for Disease Control or search for:

With the number of churches (WELS and others) suspending services until a time in April, to safeguard your health, to serve the public interest and to try and apply God's Word to this particular situation, our congregation will suspend services until April 5th.

On April 5th, I pray that we will be able to gather on Palm Sunday to worship together again.

Please notice that I did not say we will suspend worship, because we will all continue to worship our God and Lord and give glory to Jesus for our salvation in all we do and say. 

To help us remain connected, Pastor will be emailing sermons and having them on the website. Home visits to provide Holy Communion can be scheduled.

Please keep everyone in your prayers that the LORD keep us all healthy and ask him to stop the spread of this virus. 

In Christ, 

Rev. Robert J. Dick

Divinity-Divine Charity Ev. Lutheran Church, Pastor

North Shore Fire/Rescue, Chaplain

900 E Henry Clay St., Whitefish Bay WI 53217