Is Minecraft the same as Minecraft?

Minecraft, as you well know, is a popular game.  When my family first downloaded the game Mojang had sold just over 6,000,000 for the PC/Mac.  As I write this, that number is now almost 17,000,000 for the PC/Mac.  The people at Mojang have been busy too.  Beside updating the PC game they have also branched out to cover two other popular gaming devices; mobile and the game console.


These are the 3 basic versions of Minecraft that you can buy;  The PC version, the mobile game, and the console game.  Each of these platforms can now be used to play Minecraft, but I doubt they will ever be able to Minecraft together.  The main reason is that each platform hsa been developed specifically for that platform and each platform was started at a different time.  Because they were started at different times, and because each platform has different performance issues to deal with, they each have different features available.  In fact, the mobile version just recently got unlimited world size.  When I first bought my mobile version I was really disappointed in the small size of the world.  I could see from one end of the world to the other, after that the ground dropped of into nothing.

The PC version of Minecraft:

 The PC version of Minecraft will run on Windows, Linux and Mac computers.  This is the most expensive version at $26.95 US.  This version of the game was the first and was written using the Java programming language.  This allows the one set of code to run on a computer with any of the operating systems listed above.  That is cool!  Crossplatform gaming.  Because the PC version was written in Java, you have to have the free Java Stand Edition installed on your PC as well.  You can get Java at I have installed Minecraft on Windows, Linux and Mac.  I must say that Windows and Mac are the easiest.

The Mobile version of Minecreaft:

The mobile version runs on iOS and Android devices.  This is the cheapest version at $6.99 US.  Since iOS does not run Java the mobile version of the game was developed using something else.  Also since mobile devices have less resources available to the game, like memory and powerful processors, the game has been limited in it's features.  Only recently has lava and other resource intense features been added.

The Console version of Minecraft:

The console version will run on certain versions of Playstation and Xbox.  You can get the console version for $19.99 US. Since these game consoles also don't run Java the game need to be programmed with a different language.  This makes the console version less feature rich and harder to customize.

With all of these different versions how does one know what to buy?  It really depends on where you will play.  My family doesn't have an Xbox or Playstation, but I'm sure if we did, we would have Minecraft on it.  We have Minecraft on every other platform we own. If you like playing on the go the mobile version is for you.  With this version you can even play together with friends on the same WiFi network.  But only if they too have the mobile version.  The PC version allows you to play alone, just like all the others, as well as on a LAN world hosted on your home network, or on a server hosted over the internet.  The console version I honestly do not know much about.  Like I said, we don't have that version. But with an internet connected console game, you can connect to other servers and play with others.