What is Minecraft all about?

As a parent you can see the popularity of the game, but what is the attraction?  How do you actually play? Is there a way to guide or direct the types of games that your kids will be exposed to?

Minecraft can be virtually anything you want it to be.  I think that is part of the wide appeal.  Minecraft is a game that you can use to make other games.  I have seen Minecraft versions of the game Grand Theft Auto, and even Pacman.  Minecraft has even been used to create games from movies like the Hunger Games and Maze Runner.  Minecraft is even being used in schools and art museums to help educate.  MinecraftEDU is a great mod for helping teachers use Minecraft in the classroom, and I have been creating Minecraft Learning games for over a year now. The game can do so much and is so customizable that it appeals to a very wide base of players.

I found the video below, made by a Minecraft teacher, that gives a basic overview of the game in 17 minutes.  I know there are lots of other videos that show the game but this is good one for beginners.  It is a rather old video and new items and features have been added in the more recent versions of Minecraft, but the basic game play is still well represented.  This is a good starting point for anyone unfamiliar with the game, so instead of making my own video I offer you this by Bob Mills:   http://youtu.be/lad5NzIwYq0